Hi! My name is Nora Mbuywana Sifuniso Hellesøe or just Mbuyu for short. I'm 26 years old and live in Copenhagen, where I study Mulitmedia Design and Communication at KEA.
I'm interested in technology, design and movies (love Sci-fi!). I enjoy immersing myself in my work and I don't like cutting corners. I love to code, design and animate!

Take a look at my portfolio!

Animation made for Fairtrade Denmark, third term, April 2016.
The animation was made for the Fairtrade campaign, "The world biggest coffeebreak". Having researched the Fairtrade company and brainstormed on the subject "coffee" I came up with the idea of how the world would be without the coffee. Including elements for the classical zombie movies, I made a storyboard that tries to show the despair and loss a person would feel without coffee, and based my animation on this.

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Nordic Noise. Home page and webshop made for Nordic Noise, second term, december 2015.
In coorporation with Nordic Noise, we researched the subject of Rock festivals and made a quantitative data collection. Based on the data we made a prototype and continued developing the product in colaboration with the company and a focusgroup. In our design we emphasized Rock and music, and attempted to catch the atmosphere of the festival. In our product we strived for user friendliness.

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Woman blacksmith third term, April 2016.
In coorporation with Christianshavns Tv Channel the task was to do an interview with a person living or working at Christianshavn. We choose to work with an interesting place called the Woman blacksmith located on Christiania. In our interview we emphazied the blacksmith and the women´s work as well as the history of the place the challenges of starting up your own company. The video is hosted by youtube and embeded in a website.

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Change the tone, third term, march 2016.
We made our own campaign and choose the topic of online communication, as the tone on the social media platforms is a big issue. We started out by making a communicationsplan where the central point included incoorporating of social media. We wanted to bring the often hard and hurtfull tone online into the campaign, so we included a feature on the website that translated hurtfull language to "Sweet talk" thus disarming the message intended in the hurtfull tone.

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In my study I've worked with business and organisation, thus gaining competences in the areas of communication and presentation as well as knowledge of the buisness in general.

  • Digital communication
  • Market analysis
  • Communication analysis
  • Target group analysis
  • Business Project management
  • Digital marketing
  • Corporate identity
  • Strategy development
  • Budgets
  • Innovation